4. 11th March 2012 – Part 1 – The Yak & all that!

2nd Annual MonoWilli&Clops ChilLaxCation March 2012

The Yak & all that – Pink caps, tap water & Bintangs in Cabanas


Day 1 

5.35pm flight from Sydney – Jetstar – sales fares too hard to resist yet again! Fellow travellers all of the non bogan variety – a great start! An empty seat in our row so the 3 of us can spread out. Easy flight except for 2 things: – one announcement for a doctor or nurse to assist & two attempts to land in Denpasar! Off the plane and through VOA & customs in no time at all. We meet our driver and head out onto the new walk way to the car park. Sure it’s a bit of a walk but not a bad one at all. The hustle & bustle of Bali makes my heart beat with excitement. We are back at last. The driver is shocking but then maybe we just aren’t used to the driving style of Bali taxi’s as yet : )


We arrive at The Royal Beach Seminyak in one piece and are greeted by a wonderful receptionist who makes us feel very welcome. He even addressed our daughter by name! A wonderful start. But wait, it gets better. We are offered a free upgrade from a deluxe room to a beach front villa! “Yes please” we say. Our Villa is wonderful – we fall into bed – it’s 2am Sydney time.


Day 2 

Up so early it’s still dark. We go for a wonder around the resort, we laugh at each other at just how slowly we are walking already. WOW – it’s so calm & beautiful at this time of day. We walk through the pool area with all it’s sunloungers. The pool looks out to the beach with a great grassed area between. Oh we are gunna love it here. The neighbouring hotel (Antaria or something) towers over the Royal but to me it just makes the Royal feel more welcoming, like an oasis.


Breakfast buffet is finally open (6.30am) so we enjoy all the options including some spicy soup with shredded veges – was divine. Buffet was good. Coffee not so – luckily we have an instant espresso machine in our villa – the coffee pods are delicious. Time for a swim! Mind you it is only 7.30am (don’t worry people my daughter only squealed with delight a little bit but we weren’t anywhere near any rooms to wake fellow guests up!) but the water was warm, clean & wonderful.


After the 1.5 hour long swim (eye roll!) we dress & go for a wonder. Some how last year we hadn’t even known this area existed. It’s a little out of the way & the shops & restaurants aren’t like the ones on Eat Street. We wonder all the way to Bintang Supermarket for some supplies but not before we change some money. I have never had a problem with exchanging our money but do stick to the rules when selecting a changer and always count for myself. We grab a cab back to hotel. Husband pays and stuffs up paying the taxi guy 80,000 instead of 8,000 (something like that!). It’s so not a big deal but is the last mistake we make as far as money is concerned.


 Lunch is by the pool & beach. Food is standard fare of club sandwiches, etc. Bintangs are coooooool.


My daughter spends the whole lunch pouting (as much as a 5 year old can pout) – she can see the pool, she can hear the pool but she isn’t feeling the pool! Lunch done, it’s back to the pool for another marathon swim. Whilst there a little girl is left in the wading pool by her father who hops out. She’s only 15 months or so. My daughter is smiling at her and I am sitting on the pools edge watching my daughter. The little girl sits down in the pool! Head goes under, mouth gasping for air, her little eyes on me with fear in them. I scream, jump up & run into the water. I grab her by the arm just as her father is there too. I thrust her at him and walk away so paralysed with terror myself. She is ok after a cough & a splutter. I utter many a swear word to myself and try to get the adrenaline out of my system. A horrible experience and thank God she is ok.


Cat Nap x 3! I’m up first so I grab my journal, a Diet Coke (soft drink is free from the villa minibar) & head to our private Cabana in the garden of our villa to write. The last 12 months have dissolved away, every evening shift & weekend I spent away from my family to work, the news years eve I spend as a waiter to earn the cash is completely WORTH IT for this feeling.


Husband & girl awake we have a mini swim in our private plunge pool (!) before moving out onto the sun loungers on the grassed area to drink Mojito’s & watch the world go by – girls twirling hula hoops, people on horse back & many a bikini clad body goes past.


We grab a couple of Bintangs from our fridge & relax some more as the sun sets – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Dinner – cab to Eat Street. We head to Ultimo cause from last year we have very fond memories of a great evening. Tonight is no different. Holidays rock – we are so relaxed & jolly we have a great meal & laugh so much! We wonder back to the cross road to grab a cab back but not before I buy a sun dress from Puspita. We sleep very well tonight.


Day 3

Today we find the garden pool! Our body clocks have adjusted and it’s slightly later. We swim & laze in the sun.


Heading out for the morning we go back to Eat Street where I have a fish foot spa thingy. It was just as odd as I remember from last time but man, the results are so worth it. We chat to a fellow aussie couple who are on their honeymoon. We have trouble finding a money changer – don’t know why as there are so many. We ask at a circle K. The guy behind us helps us out. Another Aussie – it’s great to know we all look after each other. Money changers is good and we end up using the same one each day we are in Seminyak.


Today I feel like a bit of a shop so we wonder along looking in any boutique that takes my fancy. Girl is after a pink cap so we look here and there. I find a gorgeous dress in Sabia & some earrings & bracelet next door at Perlu. Lunch is at the Little Cafe where Deus clothes are sold – my husband buys a tshirt.


Back to Villa for a duty free cocktail in the cabana.  Girl dances to Jamiriquai much to our amusement as we chilLax. A huge rain storm hits & it’s just magic to watch.


I am not feeling very well so we order room service but I am too ill to eat it. I turn in early to try & sleep it off. I feel sick all night. During the night there was the most amazing storm. So much rain that when I got up to have a squizz the entire garden was underwater. I get back to sleep before being woken up by a neighbouring Villa’s occupants having a loud gathering. They laughed & talked at the top of the voices for hours – tools.

Day 4


I am not well. I have nothing at Breakfast and return to the villa to sleep. Bless my husband for entertaining our daughter all day. They swam, & swam & swam. I ventured up to the pool twice but just felt like crapola so each time returned to bed. He took her out for lunch & then dinner. We did manage a rest in one of the resorts cabanas on the lawn just before the beach and it was lovely to be with them. I get very bad stomach cramps (honestly the pain was on par with contractions). Although there was no vomiting or the other end I felt as sick as I had ever. You know what I think had caused it? I was stupid & relaxed and wasn’t thinking when I had cleaned my teeth the day before I wet my brush with tap water & started brushing before I realised what I had done. I threw the brush out & rinsed my mouth with mouth wash but I’d say that’s what did it! My little family returns from dinner and my girl tells me she danced and Daddy sang to a band! Wow – now I wish I had seen that. No rain or parties tonight just the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

Day 5


I’m alive! Feeling so much better we have breakfast (well I actually am just there, I don’t eat anything). From here we take a walk (it’s really more a dawdle) south along the beach. We have all been to Bali before and I know the beaches are not to be compared to Australia but holey moley this was an eye opener! The sand is dark grey because it’s volcanic – makes complete sense. Some areas of the beach have clearly been swept – great. But good God the other areas are disgusting! I didn’t spy any syringes but I saw several condoms (nice!) and a dead dog! Yikes.


So we cut up the beach and walk along the path. I want to walk through The Padma so we walk until we find it.


The beach in front of the Padma is pretty. We walk through gaulking at it all. It’s huge! We have a rest in the reception. It’s a very hot day so we hang out people watching for a while. My daughter in an attempted to get away from my husband (who is trying to stop this happening mind you) falls off the raised floor down 1 metre onto the lower walk way. I of course scream and jump down to check the injuries. We both thought she had broken her leg as she was holding it and screaming! Staff ran in all directions to assist. Turns out she had strandled the edge of the marble ledge during the fall and had really hurt between her legs. An ice pack later and many a concerned staff member we hobble out of there.

We walk/hobble down Jalan Padma (I think that’s where we are) and are surprised by the shop owners all vying for our attention. We look for a pink cap but it’s hot & we are walking increasingly slower. This type of shopping isn’t what we like about Bali so we grab a cab and head back to recover. The cabby we get is new. It’s his first time to The Royal and perhaps his first time to a hotel. He parks in the middle of the port cochere instead of driving through it he parks across it! The bell boys fall about laughing. My husband & I are just in shock. It’s very cute.


We swim & order lunch pool side. ‘Tis grand. I have a 3pm massage at the hotel and it’s wonderful. Just so relaxing & serine. The gentle music, aromas of the oils & the beautiful lady who massages me. Back to Villa where we take some Bintangs & lay in the Cabana out front to watch the world go by. We jump into a taxi and return to Ultimo for dinner. I find that this holiday all the cab drivers are asking for a set price (we only used Blue Bird). We say no, put on metre please but always pay them what they ask for anyway ($3 or similar). Is this new or was I oblivious to it last year?


Dinner is good cause my daughter likes the food and we relax. It’s busy tonight with a couple of bigger tables. All well behaved until a party of 6 arrives who are already pissed. Aussies of course, they walk in like the own the place, Bintang singlets, shorts & thongs, ok – but they are holding large Bintangs and drinking from them. I know it sounds snobby but FFS behave your selves in public. I was embarrassed for them. Thankfully the got fed quickly & quietened down. We had another wonderful meal and laughed our heads off again. Off we go in search of a ydoolb  pink cap for girl. Every single kids shop, surf shop & vaguely cap possible shop was searched until we found the perfect cap in Billabong. That damn hat was worn at every chance for the remainder of the holiday! Back to Villa for my husbands first ever massage! He loved it. Stupid party next door again tonight : (


Day 6

We check out today & head over to Sanur so our final Breakfast was leisurely. The kids go for a final swim while I collect all our crap from all over the villa and begin to pack. That’s boring so I head up to the pool for a swim myself. Fun over we finally pack, call a porter & grab a cab bound for Sanur – land of the snea snake!

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